Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Letter of the Week: Letter Gg

We love school, but after so much time off, it was a bit hard to get back into the groove of things.  We had planned on starting back to school last week, but that didn't happen, so we started back this week with both book work and the Letter of the Week activities.  We started Gg week with a couple of very simple activities which Arin loved!

First, we made homemade glitter by mixing together salt and food coloring (we chose green since it was Gg week) and then baking it at 350 degrees until it was dry (about 10 or so minutes). 

Next, I gave Arin index cards with letters written on each card.  Arin traced the letter with glue and then sprinkled on the homemade glitter.  Such a simple activity, but she loved it and it kept her independently busy for quite a while.

Next, we played a game of Go Fish.  Instead of using regular cards, I made cards with CVC words on them (two cards of each word).  Arin does not usually like reading exercises, but this she loved.  She was able to sound out the words pretty easily, which helped her gain confidence.  She wanted to play this game again and again.

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