Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Arin has long loved her foam letters.  When she was little, we used them in games like this and this (yes, the second link is of Ella, but I did the same game with Arin when she was little).  We actually haven't used the letters in a while, so when I pulled them out this afternoon, Arin was thrilled!  She started sounding out consonant-vowel-consonant (cvc) words a few months ago but has been doing it with more enthusiasm in the past couple of weeks. She's really getting good at it, even taking the initiative to try to sound out longer words on signs and in books.  I wanted to see if she could also do it in reverse, meaning instead of looking at the word and sounding it out to read it, could I tell her a word and her spell it?  Today was her first spelling test and she passed (mostly)!  Some words she sounded out in her head correctly, but put the letters down in reverse order, like this word (jam).  I had to remind her that the next sound came after the letter she just put down.

Otherwise, she seemed to really enjoy this activity.  She still does not love to write, so this was a good way to make sure she was understanding the skills, while still keeping it fun!


The Pendrak's said...

Good Job Arin!!!

Blissful & Domestic said...

I love all your ideas and I can't wait to go through your blog and just browse. This si just what I was looking for. I am curious thought how old are your girls? are you a fellow home schooler?