Monday, October 11, 2010

Kiwi Berries

Am I the last person to know about these?  We were introduced to them during a recent trip to Sam's Club.  Andrew and Ella love kiwi, so I was so excited to discover these little gems.  They are about the size of a grape.  They have tender, fuzzless (bonus!) skin, so they do not need to be peeled before eaten.  The inside has the same look and taste as their larger cousin.

Arin still won't try them, but Ella loves them!


Mike said...

These are cold-hardy kiwi's. I am thinking about planting some next year here in Illinois.

I've never seen or tried them in person - won't stop me from planting them. LOL

Melissa said...

I just heard about these at my school the other day! I can't wait to try them!