Friday, August 15, 2008

A Spelling Game

Today I made a spelling game for Arin. First, I printed pictures from this site. Then, I had Arin color the pictures. She wasn't too into coloring at the time, so she did some quick scribbling just to make me happy.
After she colored the pictures, I cut them out and glued them onto white cardstock. Then, I traced the letters to make the word (DOG, CAT, COW, PIG). I used Arin's foam bathtub letters as the pattern to trace. Next, I set up all of the foam letters on the floor and gave Arin one picture at a time. She named the letters that were traced onto the paper and then she found those letters in the pile of foam letters. She placed the foam letter on top of the traced letter.
She seemed to like this game, so I will laminate the pictures (with contact paper) and will eventually add more themes. For example: A kitchen theme with words such as POT, PAN, CUP, etc. or a toy theme with words like BALL, DOLL, BAT, etc. or maybe an astromonical theme with MOON, SUN, STAR, etc. I may also expand to number words (one, two, etc.) and colors (red, blue, etc).

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Gidget Girl Reading said...

super cool and a great way to use those foam letters! way to go! she is soo smart!

i added a giveaway on my site so sign up for it!

thanks for saying the cake was nice!