Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Unplug Your Kids: Rough

This week's Unplugged theme is 'rough'. I had several activities in mind for this theme, but I have been pressed for time this week and I doubt I will get to them. If I find time, I'll add those activities in a separate "part 2" post.

Today, our project was simple and fast. First, I walked Arin around the house and I had her touch different rough surfaces (textured wall, textured fabric, rock, etc) and then I also had her touch several smooth surfaces (table top, piano bench, vase, etc). We did this so that she could tell the different between smooth & rough. Then, I had Arin color on a piece of paper that was on top of a rough surface.

First, she colored on the fireplace stone.

Second, a wicker basket.

Next, the shower tiles.

Finally, the driveway.

I had to help her a little because she likes to color in small areas and she likes to color in circles and squiggles, so I helped her so that she could see the texture each surface would make.

Her favorite was coloring in the shower. She didn't want to get out of there! She also thought that it was neat that we were able to make squares on the paper by coloring in there. She also enjoyed coloring outside.


Gidget Girl Reading said...

great job i bet she had lots of fun!

ange said...

Great to see you back on with the posts we look forward to these now:-) Arin looks so cute in the shower pic and it made me laugh when you said she didn't want to get out:-)

This Girl loves to Talk said...

love those texture rubbings!! such a good idea!! you did well.. the shower tiles.... wouldnt of thought of that!!

Kristin said...

I really like this idea. Thanks for sharing.