Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pancake Numbers Game

We are starting to focus a little more on number recognition. So I made this pancake numbers game (the original poster made the game using sight words, but I thought it'd be great for numbers too!). It was suggested to me by another blogging mom that I work only with numbers 1-5 first and then add a couple at a time. This makes sense so I don't overwhelm Arin. So that's what we did with this game.

I cut circles out of tan cardstock. On one side, I wrote the numbers 1-5 and left the other side blank. I placed all of the "pancakes" face-down on the floor. Then, Arin took her spatula and flipped the pancakes. If she correctly identified the number, she was allowed to keep that pancake. If not, she would have to turn it back over and try again. She actually did really well with this game. She kept calling the 2 a 5, but other than that, she got them all right. She had so much fun with this game. She played it over and over while we were waiting on lunch to finish cooking.

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Gidget Girl Reading said...

cool game i think i might have to do that if its ok with you?!