Thursday, August 14, 2008

Color Category Game

Arin loved the last category game so much, that I decided to make her another one. She knows all of her colors, but we still like to practice them often. I cut pictures out of magazines (making sure there was one dominate color in the picture. Then I glued each picture onto the correct color of cardstock. With our last category game, I randomly glued the pictures onto whatever color of cardstock I felt like, but with this one, I decided to glue white pictures on white cardstock, blue on blue cardstock, etc. Then I took a blank sheet of white cardstock and in crayon, wrote the color on the top (RED, YELLOW, PINK, etc). Then I gave Arin the pictures for her to put on the correct piece of paper. She seemed much more interested in blowing spit bubbles this morning than playing the game. So rather than fight her on it, we just put it away and will try it again another time. I was a little surprised though because she asks to play the other category game all of the time. Maybe this one was too easy? or maybe I had too many colors for her to do at once? Either way, we'll give it another shot later.

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