Saturday, August 16, 2008

Better to Give than to Receive

We started the "Better to Give than to Receive" lesson with Arin when she was about 17 months old. I have really been falling behind with it since becoming pregnant and also with all of our summer travels. For this lesson, she helps me bake for someone and then she gives whatever it is that we have baked to that person. We like this project for the obvious, it is teaching her to give, but also because we spend time baking together. Normally, we bake from scratch. However, I have been struggling trying to juggle my new schedule - working from home, keeping up with the house, "homeschooling" Arin, etc. So we took the easy route this time.

This past week's Unplugged project was HOT and we made a big batch of hot chocolate mix. We are not huge hot chocolate fans around here, so we had a ton of it left over, even though I had cut the recipe in fourths. This worked out good because I know that my nephews love hot chocolate. So Arin helped me bag that up for the boys. She gave each of them three individual servings of hot chocolate mix.

Arin also had a lot of fun decorating the premade (not prebaked) cookies for her daddy this week, so we bought another package of the sugar cookies and let her decorate & bake those for the boys. I also bought a package of the chocolate chip cookies, which she did not decorate, but that we baked and gave to the boys as well. We gave them each 4 of both types of cookies.
Decorating the Cookies
Putting the Cookies in Snack Baggies

Packaging the Presents
Then, when we saw the boys, Arin gave a bag (cookies & hot chocolate mix) to each of her cousins. Turns out that the boys had been asking their mom for Hot Chocolate just this week!
Arin Giving the Presents (she was a little embarrassed during this)
The Boys Thanking Arin (she was still a little embarrassed- notice the fingers in her mouth in every picture!)