Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Color Review

Today, Aunt Candace came over to play with Arin. Candace had been on vacation in NY for five weeks and just returned home. Arin was very happy to spend the day with Aunt Candace.

First, they colored together.

Then, I decided we should do a little bit of "school" since we didn't do any yesterday. I had printed off a shapes game from this site. I had colored each shape a different color, so we also used this for color review. I had Arin tell me each shape and then tell me each color. Then I let her play her matching game. This was super simple, as I thought it would be for her.
This past weekend, we had gone to Home Depot. I picked up two of each of their Mickey Mouse paint swatches. We used those swatches this morning to play a matching game. This was good because I did all of the same color family, but different shades. It was still pretty easy for her, but it did take her slightly longer to think it through. I think this is because we have never done shade work before.

After that, Aunt Candace played Memory with Arin, using the paint swatches. This was the first time that she had played memory. She did good, except she had a hard time waiting her turn.

The next game that Aunt Candace played with Arin was Go Fish using the paint swatches. This game was a little above her level and she lost interest in it quickly, even though I was trying to help her.
So they moved on to a different game. Arin got out her water bottle bowling set (with the colored water). She had a great time playing this with Aunt Candace. She is learning how to take turns, so games like this are perfect to practice that concept.

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Gidget Girl Reading said...

looks like a fun day! we did some relly fun activities too! i love those micheky mouse paint chips i think they were my first teaching post on my blog!

where did you get the color mathcing game you printed off! i'm getting our black ink refilled at walgreens its only 5 bucks this week!

i plan to print off so much stuff i'll have to get it refilled again before the sale ends heehee! :)