Sunday, September 7, 2008

Unplug Your Kids: Soft

This week's Unplugged theme is soft. First, I wanted to make sure that Arin knew what soft was. So I laid two objects in front of her, one soft the other not soft. Then I had her pick the soft object. We did this activity four times and she did really good with it every time.

Next, I let Arin paint. Instead of using a paintbrush, she used cotton balls. For our last project, I made an "I Spy" board. For every object that I glued on the board, I glued an identical object on an index card. Although I glued several objects on the board, I only had Arin search for the "soft" things this time. I would show her the index card and she would find the identical object on the board. She really liked this game. We'll play it again using different cards, this way it will feel like a "new" game for a while.
Spying a Teddy Bear
Spying a Cotton Ball
Spying a Pipe Cleaner
Spying Gauze
Spying a Piece of Baby Yarn
Spying Felt
Spying a Felt Bear Sticker


Gidget Girl Reading said...

so soo cool!!! i love your ISPY board! i might have to make one for my little one!!! if i do i'll totally give you credit!!!

what fun!!

Christie said...

The I spy board is super cute. My little one is a little older and still I think she would totally love this. I may have to work on it. : )

Rosina {Rosy ~ Posy} said...

Great projects!! Love the I spy board and cotton ball painting. We're definitely going to do that next time we paint :)
Nature Mama

Gottfredsen said...

What a cool I spy board. That looks like so much fun. Great job.

Robyn said...

I love the ISpy board. We are going to have to try that.

Jules said...

I love the I SPY BOARD! This is so cool. My 2 year old son just loves "I SPY" and looking for things. I will definately have a go at this. Many thanks for the ideas!

Anonymous said...

Great I spy board! We've been planning to do one with photos, but a texture one is a fabulous idea.

This Girl loves to Talk said...

I love your projects.. if only I could get as organized!!

Michie said...

Cool projects! I thought about painting with cotton balls or q-tips, but never got around to trying it. Looks like fun. The I-Spy board is neat too!

Unknown said...

Love the textural I Spy board! I linked to it on my blog today at: