Monday, September 8, 2008

Pom Pom Math

Arin has been able to do very simple addition problems (1+1 or 2+3) verbally for several months. Today, I thought I'd try some math with her visually. Last night, I printed out five math problems (1+1 through 1+5) on separate sheets of paper. Then, I covered the paper with contact paper. I made answer cards and also covered them with contact paper. Then, I bought some little pom poms and put pieces of velcro on the backs and also on the math sheet. I also put velcro on the backs of the answer cards and in the answer space on the math sheet. This morning, we did the math together. I would read the math problem to Arin. Then, she would put the appropriate number of pom poms on the paper. Then she would count the pom poms and pick the appropriate answer card to velcro in the answer space. Then, I would repeat the whole math problem this time with the answer. She enjoyed this activity and asked for more!

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Gidget Girl Reading said...

wow i'm soo impressed she is soo smart!! you go girl!!! you might have a math whiz on your hands!!!