Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Friends and the Library

Arin has been asking for several days to see her friends and also to go to the library. I told her yesterday that we would do both today. She was so excited that she had a tough time going to sleep last night.
This morning, we woke up and went to visit Arin's friend Sophie. The first time Arin met Sophie was when Sophie was 6 weeks old. They met at a playdate at the hospital. We haven't seen Sophie since December, so it was really great to see her again today. She is ten months younger than Arin. Arin had a great time playing at her house, but had a tough time sharing, even though they were Sophie's toys! Luckily, Sophie was very mellow even though Arin was being a bit of a bully. We'll have to visit more often so Arin will learn to share.
This evening, we went to storytime at the library. The librarian reads to the kids for about 20 minutes and then the kids go to the craft room. Tonight's craft was to make a "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" tree. Arin loves craft time, so she enjoyed this. Also, her friend Maverick, from our regular playgroup, was at the library tonight too. It was good to see him.

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Gidget Girl Reading said...

cute glad she had fun! i'll be emailing you soon!

i love love love chicka chicka boom boom! i sing the song all the time!