Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Along Came a Spider

While playing outside this morning, we found the coolest looking spider.  I've never seen a spider that looked like this before. It had bright orange spots on it and green legs.  We enjoyed looking at it and watching it run around its web.  I took several pictures of it.  Tonight, I tried to figure out what kind of a spider it is, but no luck so far. 

I set the computer up on the dining room table and gave Arin some crayons and paper.  She was able to look at the pictures of the spider and draw one for herself.  She is really enjoys this new activity of drawing what she is looking at.


In His Grip -:¦:- Loni said...

Good Job, Arin! So, did you ever find out what kind of spider it was?

Peterson Party said...

Nope, we never found out. Perhaps we'll use that resource you listed on your site to help us figure it out.