Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mosaic Turkey

Today, we opened a back of 15 bean soup (dried beans).  Arin separated the beans into piles.  She really enjoyed this.  We talked about the colors, sizes, shapes, and even the patterns that some of the beans had on them.  Once the beans were in their piles, I gave Arin some glue and a picture of a turkey.  She had a great time placing the beans on the turkey's feathers.  Then, she colored the turkey's body with crayons.  She kept telling me, "This is so fantastic!"


Melissa said...

I've been planning to do a dried bean and rice collage with O, but we might do this instead. Where did you find the turkey picture?

Peterson Party said...

Melissa - I did a google search for turkey coloring pages. The one we used came from here
but I just saw one that might work even better here

Arin LOVED this activity. She couldn't wait for her daddy to get home so she could show him.