Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Florida: Dolphins

Florida's state salt water mammal is the dolphin. 

Today we read:
Baby Dolphin by Julie D. Shively
A Whale of a Tale! by Bonnie Worth
If Dolphin were a Fish by Loran Wlodarski

We have other dolphin books on order at the library, but they are not in yet and I would like to finish up Florida and move on to another state, so we read what we had and did a few activities to go along with our books.

I started out by asking Arin what letter the word dolphin started with.  She quickly responded with a "d".  I printed out this letter Dd and Arin practiced writing it.

Next, I printed these dolphin number cards.  I mixed them up and gave them to Arin to put in order.  She had them finished almost before I could grab the camera.  (also noticed that my pictures are blurry because my camera was on the wrong setting and I didn't realize it.  grrr!)

Next, Arin used the dolphin number cards for a different counting game.  I gave her a bowl of goldfish crackers and told her to feed each dolphin one fish.  She would count out the number of goldfish needed for each card before placing them on the dolphins.

Arin also completed a dolphin dot-to-dot (this one has numbers 1-18).

Finally, I found a dolphin coloring page online (cannot remember where I found this).  I shrunk it to fit four dolphins per page.  Then, I drew small circles on half of the dolphins (1-12) and the corresponding numeral on the other half of the dolphins (1-12).  I laid the numeral dolphins, in order, in front of Arin.  The dotted dolphins we handed to her, in random order, to count and place on top of the correct numeral dolphin.

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