Tuesday, May 4, 2010

18 Months Old

Last week, Ella Jane turned 18 months old.  Arin insisted that her sister have cake for her half birthday, just like she did.

Ella is a bundle of joy and we can see her maturing just over the past month.  She's been working on potty training.  She knows several signs and she uses them on a daily basis.  Although she doesn't say a lot of words, her vocabulary is increasing.  She loves to color and play matching games.  She loves baby dolls, books, bubbles, bikes, balls and playing in the sandbox. She loves to swing and slide. She is a great helper and is attached to her big sister.  She runs to meet her daddy with a big hug and kiss every afternoon and she loves to snuggle with her mommy.  She's such a sweetheart.

The girls wore the same princess dresses that they wore on Ella's first birthday and Arin's third birthday.

Here's a picture of Ella at 18 months.
And a picture of Arin wearing the same dress when she was 18 months.


Jenna said...

So cute, Natalie turned 18 months last week as well, and I was thinking I needed to post about it! Great pictures, Ella seems like such a little love-bug!

jasnjoj said...

Happy Half-birthday, Ella Jane! Wow, they look alike!

Bring your umbrella tonight - I'm glad we're going to be inside!