Sunday, May 30, 2010

Life's Bittersweet Moments

Have I ever mentioned just how much we love our homeschool group?  This group of families are so special to us.  We moved to this new, small town, in a different state than we had ever lived in previously last June.  We spent the first six months settling in to our new home and new routine, but we quickly became lonely.  I was introduced to our homeschool group in December of 2009 and was instantly impressed with this group.  They are so warm and welcoming.  Even though they didn't know us and even though our kids are not "official" school age, they never left us out from events.  In fact, they treated us as if we had always been part of their group.  We looked forward to our weekly park play dates and field trips.  In the short amount of time that we have known this group of families, we have made life-long friendships.  So, it was with a heavy heart on Friday that we announced we'd be moving.  On one hand, we will be so sad to leave our new friends, but on the other hand, we are so, so excited about the new adventures that lie ahead of us.  We are no strangers to moving.  Andy and I have been married seven years and with this next move, we will live in our seventh house.  Arin will be four this summer and this will be her fourth home and in Ella's short 19 months of life, she will be moving into her third home!  So, if anyone was wondering about my lack of blogging lately, it is because I've been busy packing, painting, and finding a new place to live!  We are so excited about this move because we will be living near much of Andy's family and within only two hours of the rest of the family (except one of his sisters that lives in a different state).  I am so excited that our girls will grow up near grandparents, cousins and aunt and uncles.  We are also quite excited that we will not have to travel as often to see family.  My blogging will continue to be sparse over the next few weeks, but will return after that!


MommyWise said...

I hope you find a great place!

jasnjoj said...

I'm so glad you have a blog, Cara - so I can follow your family's exploits after you move. You will be missed, my friend! Your homeschool group loves you too!

Jenna said...

I'm happy for you to live closer to family! I wish for that someday. Good luck with all the packing!