Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blow Paint and Painting with a Straw

In a recent issue of Family Fun magazine, we saw an activity for blow painting. They used the blow painting technique to make monsters, but my kids were uninterested in that, so we just made designs.  At first, I forgot to add the water to the paint to thin it and it was too thick for them to be able to blow it around the paper, but once the water was added, it was much more fun.  Arin did a great job with this activity and she liked that it was a different way to paint.  As I feared, Ella tried to suck the paint up the straw, but I caught it before it went in her mouth.  After that, I told her to use the straw as a paintbrush.  She liked this for a little bit, but once she got the paint on her hands and on her shirt, she decided she was done!

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Jenna said...

That is too funny that she tried to suck it up! So cute, looks like fun!