Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies, especially to my wonderful mother!  She is kind and thoughtful, slow to anger :) and quick to love.  She has set a wonderful example of service and generosity towards others.  She is a wonderful hostess and a hard worker.  She will stay on the phone for hours while Arin talks her ear off!  Such sweet, special times for Arin!  My mother gives of her whole self, even when she is exhausted.  I love my mom! 

And I must confess, she is the driving force behind this blog.  She has always loved to see what is happening in our lives, but moreso since we no longer live in the same state as her.  Because I like to bring my mother joy, I try to blog about something daily, but seriously, we just aren't that interesting!! 

Of course, I don't want to leave out my awesome mother-in-law, who reminds me so much of my own mom.  My mother-in-law is kind, loving, hard working and ever so patient!  She spoils me when we visit by helping with the kids (diaper changes and baths and so many other things!).  She is a wonderful example of a loving wife and she has raised seven wonderful children, one of which I am particularly fond of :) 

Because Andrew and I love our moms so much, we combined parts of their names (Ellen and Janice) and named our little girl (Ella Jane) in honor of them!  We are so blessed to have two fine examples of Proverbs 31 women in our lives!

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