Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Declutter Challenge: Final Post for this Challenge

It was two months ago today that I challenged myself to get rid of 372 things in twelve months.  Amazingly, I was able to accomplish that in three and a half weeks.  Even more amazing is that after I finish this post, we will have decluttered a total of 898 things from our house in two months!  Wow, that's a lot of stuff!  We still had a few boxes in our garage that needed to be cleaned out, so we have recently done that and have found a few more things in the house for a total of 121 things this week.  Thanks for putting up with this challenge over the past couple of months.  It has been incredibly motivating to get rid of stuff when I take pictures and post about it (also eye opening and a bit embarrassing to know we've had so much junk stored here and there around the house!)


Anonymous said...

awasome Job Cara!!!

jasnjoj said...

Congratulations, Cara! I'm kind of sorry you're not going to be posting about decluttering anymore - it was very inspiring!

BTW - I'm digging my new camera! I've got questions for you the next time we're together (tomorrow night?).

MommyWise said...

I'm taking on your challenge!!!!

Traci said...

Oh, I love this challenge!!! Thanks for telling me about it. I just got time to take a look at it and your before pics look a lot like mine only I think I have a lot more stuff, haha! I have donated tons of stuff and thrown away tons of stuff but I have so much more to get rid of. I've tried to do it quickly but I am learning that it is an ongoing process and must be kept up. I will keep pouring through our things to keep "lightening our load" and hopefully get down to where we want to be soon. Funny thing is, we would like to move again so I'm praying that if we get to move, we won't have lots of stuff to pick through.

Sorry this is so long, but this topic is near and dear to me right now. I love how you chronicalled your pics...I didn't want to show my piles of stuff 'cuz I can't believe we have collected so much stuff, hahah.

I'm gonna keep reading a little at a time, thanks for telling me this was here:)

Have a great Shabbat:)