Thursday, March 18, 2010

Declutter Challenge

Today is my 31st birthday and I have a confession to make.  I am pack rat!  I hate this quality about myself and I often complain about the clutter, but do very little else about it.  I want to get rid of stuff, but I tend to hang on to it "just in case" I might use it one day.  I am sure that is stuff packed away in boxes in our garage that I have kept since before we were married seven years ago "just in case" I might need it some day, but that day hasn't arrived yet.  So today, I am challenging myself to declutter my house.  It'll be a birthday gift to myself :)
Because I like to make everything into a game, I have decided that I will get rid of 31 things per month for the next twelve months.  In other words, 372 things will leave our house before I turn 32!


Anonymous said...

wow cool can't wait to hear more about it! :)

Happy Birthday and hope you have a great and wonderful day! :)

jasnjoj said...

Whenever looking at pictures of your girls inside your house, I've always thought how UNcluttered (and nice and peaceful) your house looks! And thought "I have to ask Cara her secret on keeping things uncluttered!" So everything is hiding in boxes in the garage, eh?

I can't wait to hear how this goes - take lots of pics as you say "bye-bye" to everything!

Ruth Chowdhury said...

I feel like I'm constantly trying to declutter! I think I'll try harder... :) Happy birthday!!

Heavenly Order, Professional Organiser said...

Such a great idea! How did it go?