Friday, March 26, 2010

Farm Field Trip

Today we met up with our homeschool group for a wonderful field trip to a local farm.  The owners of the farm were such sweet hosts and we had a truly delightful day.

First, they took several of the kids on a horse drawn wagon ride to their friend's old time feed store/farm.  Arin thought this was great.  Ella and I rode in our friend's van.  Arin is growing up and able to do stuff without her mama now!

While we were waiting for the kids to arrive, Ella happily picked pecans off the ground.

We saw lots of animals such as horses, pigs, chickens, ducks, wild boars, goats, turkeys, rabbits, and so on. 
I learned something new - pigs grow HUGE!  I have never been up close to a full-sized one and I had no idea how big they could grow to be.

It was also the first time that I had seen a brown turkey.

I am used to seeing this type of turkey.

Ella investigated some farm equipment.

We took a tour inside the feed store.
They bag the feed.

Then they weigh the bags and sew them shut.

Then they stack them in the store to sell.

Once the feed store/farm tour was over, we went back to the first farm.  The kids ran around, climbed on hay stacks, and took turns on the tire swing until it was lunchtime.

After lunch, the kids took pony rides.  This was the first time that Arin would ride a pony by herself and she loved it!
Today was such a fun day.  We had beautiful weather and made many memories with great friends!

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jasnjoj said...

Yes, wasn't it so fun, Cara! GREAT pictures! (Trying not to covet your great camera!)