Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Teaching Little Sister

Today is laundry day and Arin loves to separate the clothes into the proper piles.  This morning she asked if Ella could help too.  I recently read a blog of someone that was a homeschool graduate.  As part of her curriclum, her mom used to have her and her older siblings teach the younger siblings a subject.  I thought that was a great idea to have the older ones teach the younger ones, so I told Arin that Ella could help if she taught her how to put the clothes in the right piles.  It was so cute to listen to Arin.  She'd pick a piece of clothing out of the basket and hand it to Ella and then point and tell her which pile to put it in.  She'd follow Ella to make sure she was doing it right.  When Ella would get it right, she'd say, "Great job!"  If she didn't get it right, she'd have her redo it and put it where it belonged.  A couple of times she pulled something out of the basket and said, "Ok Ella, this is a tricky one!"


Ruth Chowdhury said...

That is really adorable! What a smart thing to do - be intentional about the older teaching the younger. They learn from each other anyways... Might as well make it good things! :)

Anonymous said...

my oldest loves teaching her little sister things too :)