Monday, March 15, 2010

Mommy's Blunder aka What was I Thinking??????

We promised the girls ice cream while at the Renaissance Festival, so Uncle Todd and I stood in line while daddy and grandma took the girls to see a magic show.  Typically, I give the girls either vanilla or strawberry ice cream, but this time I saw the Superman ice cream (red, yellow & blue) and thought it looked like "fun" ice cream, so I ordered that for them.  As the lady handed me the bowls of ice cream, I thought to myself, "Really, did I just order my kids bright blue ice cream????"  It was too late to change the order, so off to the girls I went.  Arin looked confused and said, "I thought I was going to get pink ice cream."  Obviously, the blue wasn't as much fun as I had anticipated.

Ella is a self feeder, so I gave her the bowl of blue ice cream (again, what was I thinking???). 

She did really well feeding herself, until she was nearly done (I ate half of her ice cream) when she spilled the remains of her melted ice cream all over her new, previously non-stained jacket, which was a gift.  It was about that time that I remembered that I did have a bib with me! 

Occassionally, I have temporary moments of poor judgement!!


Christy@pipandsqueak said...

I bought blue ice cream for my daughter last summer. What I was not prepared for was what it would look like on the other end. Just be warned. You will think your kid is sick.

Jenna said...

We all have those moments! My daughter is almost 17 months and she is not catching on to self-feeding as well as I would like. Any tips?

Peterson Party said...

Hahaha Christy - that's funny and yes, we had two days of that before it looked normal again!