Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nature Bingo

Melissa, O, & E from Chasing Cheerios sent Arin and Ella a wonderful care package several weeks ago.  Along with a couple of other things, they sent the girls a Nature Bingo card.  Arin LOVES to match things and she LOVES to play I Spy, so this game was perfect for her.  She LOVED it!  Ella stayed right by Arin's side the whole time, which was so cute. 

As soon as Andy got home, Arin was telling him all about the Nature Bingo.  We weren't able to find everything on the card, but it was a lot of fun just the same.  Arin has already asked when we can go and play it again!  We are taking a trip next week and I think we'll pack this game and play it again while we're in a different state!

Thanks again Melissa, O, & E! This game was a huge hit!

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