Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Walking Companion

A week and a half or so ago, we gave our mama dog and three of her puppies to the Humane Society.  The next door neighbors kept one of the puppies (the one Arin named "Snake").  For the first week, they kept the dog on a chain at all times except in the evenings when they were outside with her.  I am assuming this was to teach her where her new home was.  For the past few days, they have been allowing her off the chain during the day.  For the most part we see her staying in her yard.  The girls look out the window to check in on her throughout the day.  Because the neighbors took one of the puppies and Arin is able to see her everyday (even though she doesn't play with her everyday), it made the transition of several dogs to no dogs much easier for her.

This morning, we headed out the door to take our morning walk.  "Snake" saw Arin and came running as quick as she could to be with her.  She has calmed down quite a bit and no longer jumps on the girls, so both like her much better now.  We started for our walk and we could not get the dog to go home.  I was worried that we might lose their dog on our walk, but she stayed right with us for the whole two miles.

Arin thought this was great!  Other than the few times she walked in front of the stroller, it wasn't too bad for me either and I know it was good exercise for the dog, though I hope we don't have to take her on every walk!

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Anonymous said...

aww so glad Arin can still see her puppy :)

I an't wait for our weather to get nice enough for walks again :)