Thursday, March 18, 2010

Declutter Challenge: Round One

The goal for my Declutter Challenge is to get rid of 31 things per month or 372 things for the year.  This was only day one and I have already found 75 things to remove from our house!  Yippee!!
Books x 48 (most of these will be donated to my nieces)
VHS movies x 3
Storage containers x 2
Plastic baby forks x 5
Pacifier clip x 1
Plastic placemat x 1
Magazine x 1 (donating to my aunt)
Craft x 2 (donating to my aunt)
Clothes x 5
Misc. Lids x 6
Fake Flowers x 1

I can't wait to donate the not already claimed items to Goodwill tomorrow!
297 more things to declutter!


jasnjoj said...

And...she's off! Way to start, Cara - congratulations! Doesn't it feel so good?

Ruth Chowdhury said...

Wow that was fast! I'm so challenged... I wanna do it too! And I love how you're taking pictures. Although I think I'd personally be embarrassed of the stuff I'd have to be taking pictures of! lol Woo hoo for you!

Melissa said...

I really need to do this! Thanks for the inspiration!

Mike said...

Lots of good stuff to put up onto FreeCycle!

MommyWise said...

That's funny... a couple times a week.. I'll decide to throw away/ get rid of a certain number of things.. be it 10 or 30 and will run around the house picking. Don't you just feel better when you do?