Thursday, March 4, 2010

Banana Slices

Ella does great with a fork - she spears her food at dinner every night.  She does excellent with a spoon - able to feed herself cereal with milk, yogurt, and applesauce.  So I decided to let her try out a knife to cut banana slices.  She didn't quite get this concept.  She jabbed, more than cut, but she had a great time with this activity.

Arin, also helped cut banana slices.

When I was a kid, I absolutely loved dehydrated banana slices.  It was a rare treat that we ever bought them, so on those occassions when I wanted some, but we didn't have them, my mom would try to fool me by freezing banana slices and serving them to me.  It never fooled me, by the way, but it was another delicious snack, and much healthier because there was no added sugar. 

Today, I decided to introduce this snack to my girls.  Ella loves any frozen snack (frozen yogurt drops, juice pops, smoothie pops, frozen blueberries, frozen grapes, etc.) and she thought these banana slices were awesome as well. 

Arin, is a bit more picky.  She did like them, but I don't know if she thought they were more fun to eat or to play with.

Another successful, super simple, snack!

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jasnjoj said...

Thanks for the idea, Cara! I'm going to try this! My kids get bananas in our smoothies, but aren't crazy about them just plain - they'll think this is fun!