Thursday, May 6, 2010

End of the Season Library Party & Picking Strawberries

Our friends, whom we haven't seen in several months, invited us to a playdate.  First, we went to their library's storytime party.  They have an awesome librarian.  We went to their library one other time and had so much fun!  Storytime has ended for the season, but will return again next school year.  We hope to be more active with that library in the future.  It is much farther to drive, but well worth it.

Today, the librarian had prepared a Mother's Day craft (and snacks) for the kids.  Each child was given a terracotta pot, which they decorated with flowers cut from magazines.  Once they were finished gluing the flowers (they used Mod Podge), each child was given a flower to plant in the pot. 

I helped Ella decorate her pot.  Then, I walked by Arin to see how she was doing.  She told me, "Don't look, Mom!  This is a surprise for Mother's Day.  You just go and relax!"  Of course, I couldn't wait to follow those awesome orders! 

Once we were finished at the library, we went to our friends' house for lunch and playtime.  It was so great to catch up with them.  The first time we went to their house was last year.  Strawberries were just in season and they let the girls pick a few, though they didn't have a lot of strawberries, because it was the first year they had planted them.  This time, the strawberries were back in season and they had quite the bounty of berries.  The girls loved picking them.  They picked and ate the sweet, juicy berries.  They did save a few to take back to the house to wash for a snack.  I cut the tops off and the girls devoured them as quickly as I could set them in front of them.  It was amazing, but I was happy they were enjoying such a delicious, nutrious (they are organic, heirloom strawberries) snack.

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