Monday, July 21, 2008

Bye, Bye Bottle!

I never thought that Arin would still be on a bottle at almost two years old, but she has fought me every step of the way to get her off of the bottle. She's never cared much for a sippy cup - prefers to drink out of a regular cup. She loves her bottle. We started the bad habit when she was a baby of putting her to bed with a bottle. So this has made taking the bottle away that much harder. I think it is a comfort thing for her to fall asleep with her bottle. About 6 months ago, we started only letting her have her bottle at naptime and bedtime. She got used to this quickly. She would get really excited though when it was time for a bottle.

Arin will be 2 on Saturday, so I think it is definitely time to get rid of the bottle once and for all. Last night, I found some new sippy cups. They are the Nuby Sport Sipper. This cup looks a lot like a bottle, but like a sippy cup, it doesn't leak. I let Arin pick out what colors she wanted. She picked the purple and the red cups. We made a big deal about her new cup. Last night she was excited to have her new cup and she went to bed without one complaint! I was so surprised and excited. She did the same for her nap this afternoon.

I will be packing away all of the baby bottles today. I am still only going to let her have her new cup at naptime and bedtime. I am so glad to have her off of the bottle! That's one "big girl" task accomplished. Now we'll work on getting her to sleep in her big girl bed (instead of the crib) on a regular basis and to potty train. I would love to have these conquered before the new baby arrives.

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