Thursday, July 24, 2008

Weekly Challenge Theme: BALLS - Part 2

We are continuing on with our activities for this week's Challenge of the Week Theme: BALLS.
Just as I expected, Arin wanted to play with her new bowling set as soon as she got out of bed this morning.

Our first new activity of the day was to print a lamb color picture from this website. Then, we spread glue all over the lamb and Arin put cotton balls on the lamb. This was a quick project, but she enjoyed it.

Next, we made some peanut butter balls. We used this recipe. I think this recipe is pretty close to the recipe you can use to make peanut butter playdoh. We just rolled it into balls and ate it as our morning snack.
Next, I made Arin a ball-in-cup game. I was going to let her decorate the cup with stickers, but she was too anxious to play. This was a lot of fun for her until the ball kept falling off of the string. I had tied it in three different places, but still it came loose, so I am thinking about glueing it to the string.

Our next project was to make ball catchers. We found that idea on this site. I cut the water jugs and Arin painted them. She had fun with this. She loves to paint. I wanted to carry on the theme of mixing colors, so I gave her red and blue paint, but the purple didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. For the other catcher, I gave her blue and yellow. The green turned out good on this one. After dinner, Arin and her daddy went outside and played catch.

We have a couple more ball projects that we hope to get to tomorrow.

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Deneal said...

I'm a little late checking this out, life has been hectic. Thanks for participating in our Theme of the Week. You have some great activity ideas for balls, I'm definitely going to use some of them (ball catchers!). I hope you won't be shy about sharing more of your ideas in the future.