Monday, July 21, 2008

Spelling Arin

Arin has been able to recognize and name all of the letters of the alphabet (no matter the order) for a few weeks now. So we started working with her to spell her name. She recognizes it whenever we write it out and she can tell us all of the letters in her name. Today, I was cleaning out her room and Arin found some wooden letters that spell her name. While I was cleaning, she was playing with the letters. She called my name and I looked over and she had the letters in the right order! So I thought that would be a good thing to give her the letters again and have her spell her name again while I took pictures. She did this on her own, but she didn't quite get it right this time. She lost interest quickly, so we will have to try it again later and maybe she will get it right again next time.

1 comment:

nellbe said...

What a clever girl and what a clever way to teach them to spell their name!