Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Graham Crackers

Arin loves to snack. Of course, she loves potato chips and candy, but those are only very special occassion treats. Sometimes it is a challenge to find a variety of healthy snacks. I found this recipe for graham crackers about a year ago. I only made them one other time and she loved them then, so I decided to make them again. I like that there is honey and molasses instead of sugar as the sweeteners.
Arin loves to help me bake, so she had a great time pouring and mixing the ingredients.

(scooping the wheat so we can make flour)

Then, I thought we'd try cutting these out with cookie cutters. That idea didn't work out so well. She did enjoy playing with the cookie cutters, but once the graham crackers were baked, they broke in pieces other than what we had cut out with the cutters. Arin didn't mind though. She still enjoyed the graham crackers!

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ange said...

The first pic of Arin on the Graham cracker post is adorable..
She is hammin it up for the camera.. hahaha