Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

I got the Tackle It Tuesday idea from this site. I am not nearly as organized as I would like to be, so I loved this idea. I tend to procrastinate at certain projects, but the idea of tackling one "easy to put off" project a week is going to be great for me. Yes, it will be embarrassing to me to post the "before" pictures, but I am excited about the "after" - not just the pictures, but that the project will be done.

When the new baby, Ella, is born, we are going to have the girls share a room. So we are going to set up what is currently the guest room as the girls' room and what is currently Arin's room will be the new guest room. The current guest room is slightly larger, which is why we are changing the rooms over. This is a project that needs to be done, but again, something I have been putting off. Andy told me to get all of the little things switched around and he would move the furniture for me. He said this needs to be done sooner, rather than later. I know he is right about this.

So for this week's Tackle It Tuesday project, I am switching over the closets - seemed like a good place to start. While I was at it, I also reorganized Arin's armoire. The girls will be sharing both the closet and the armoire, so this of course will mean downsizing, which is not a bad thing. In the process of cleaning out Arin's closet and armoire, I was able to put two large trash bags full of clothes into storage for Ella.

Arin's Over Full Closet - "Before"
Arin & Ella's Closet - "After"
I left the picture albums on the top shelf in the girls' closet because I just don't have anywhere else for them right now. On the other shelf, I put Arin's craft supplies (that's what's in the tubs), a blow-up pool (that we use as a ball-pit), and a floor puzzle.
I hung Arin's clothes on one side (only her dresses, sweaters, one-piece & two-piece outfits). I put a ribbon on the rod to divide Arin's side from Ella's side. Yes, it looks simple to tell now, but soon Andy will be getting the baby's clothes out of storage. So I will wash them and hang them and have the ribbon separating them. In the bottom of the closet are Arin's ball-pit balls, a box of books that we have put away for Arin for when she is a little older, a big tub of wooden blocks, and the crib bumper, which will be put in the crib once Arin is sleeping in her toddler bed full time.
My "Before" Closet (I have always used the guest room closet for my clothes).
My "After" Closet

I like having the double rack for my new closet. I have put my old clothes on the top rack and my maternity clothes on the bottom rack. I put my books and other odds & ends on the shelf.

Arin's Armoire "Before"
I did take pictures of the drawers too, but I just cleaned them up and organized them, so I didn't think it was dramatic enough to post pictures. All of the drawers will be for Arin's clothes.

Arin & Ella's Armoire "After"

The first six small tubs are for Ella's clothes. They are labeled: socks, bib & hats, onesies, pjs, shirts, pants. The two larger tubs and the other two small tubs are Arin's. They are labeled: jeans, pants, jean skirts, skirts. The bottom shelf has a few blankets and the crib comforter. I want to get two large tubs - one for under Arin's toddler bed and one for under Ella's crib. I plan on putting sheets in one of the large tubs and blankets in the other large tub.

The only thing that needs to be done on the closets now is putting the doors on my closet and the curtains up in the girls' closet.


Amanda said...

wow great job on the closets. they look awesome!

The Proverbs Wife said...

That was a great tackle. It ia always a task when switching rooms around. There is so much clothes and furniture to move. Everything looks very well organized and neat. Great job.