Friday, February 27, 2009

162 Things to do Before Kindergarten: #6

Enjoy Friends at the Park

We were able to mark another activity off from our list today. We were supposed to go to the nature park with two of Arin's friends, but unfortunately one of her friends took a nasty spill and ended up at the dentist instead of at the park. Poor little guy. We did have fun with her other friend though. We walked around and saw alligators, crocodiles, snakes, otters, tortoises, bears, flamingos, parrots, and giraffes. The girls rode on the carousel. Well, Arin is too scared to ride on the moving carousel animals, so she sat on the stationary seat (which she called a bus) and she had a great time. The girls also attempted to feed the giraffes, but both got scared when the giraffe got close enough to eat. They did have a great time together.

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Karen said...

So cute! We have to go again soon before it gets too hot!