Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Apple Fun

On Sunday, we went to the grocery store and bought a dozen apples (this was part of our 'Homeschool Alphabet: A' day). We bought one of each type of apple that the store had. Today, my little sister came over and spent the day with us, so I knew this was the perfect day for our apple project. Once Andy got home from work, we did an apple taste test. By the way, what good is a taste test unless you are dressed like a ballerina?!?!

Actually, first, Candace and Arin made the letter 'A' with the apples and then an arrow. It's great to have my sister here. She comes up with a lot of fun activities for Arin.

So after, their apple fun, we did the taste test. I asked Arin if she liked the apples. Her answer was exactly the same every time "Ummm Hmmm!" as she shook her head yes and had a huge smile on her face!

Red Delicious
Arin: Umm Hmm!
Aunt Candace: Bland, tastes like water.
Daddy: Blah! Very vanilla (not tasting, just meaning plain).
Mommy: Dry.
Granny Smith
(not sure why the picture keeps flipping when I upload it)

Arin: Umm Hmm!
Mommy: Tart, almost brings tears to my eyes!
Daddy: Bitter, gives me heartburn. Would be great with caramel!
Aunt Candace: Sour like a warhead! Sort of tastes like a produce aisle smells.


Daddy: This is a good one.
Arin: Umm Hmm!
Aunt Candace: Tastes like apple wine.
Mommy: Yikes, I think we got one that is already fermenting.
Arin: Umm Hmm!
Mommy: Delightful! Tastes like a 'Grapple'.
Aunt Candace: So wonderful and unexpected. Tastes like a body spray smells or like a grape ring pop.
Daddy: Great, tastes a lot like honey.


Arin: Umm Hmm!
Aunt Candace: Tastes like a sour blueberry
Daddy: Very good.
Mommy: Nice and crunchy.

American Cameo
Arin: Umm Hmm!
Aunt Candace: Tastes like a Jolly Rancher
Daddy: Very good.
Mommy: Crunchy, but not super exciting.
Arin: Umm Hmm!
Mommy: Crunchy and sweet.
Daddy: Very, very good.
Aunt Candace: Tastes like a honeysuckle.

Arin: Umm Hmm!
Aunt Candace: Pretty Good.
Daddy: Ok.
Mommy: I've had better.
Golden Delicious

Arin: Umm Hmm!
Aunt Candace: Not too sweet.
Daddy: Full-bodied, complete taste.
Mommy: Delicious and golden!

Arin: Umm Hmm!
Aunt Candace: Mealy, tastes like someone peed on the orchard.
Daddy: Crispy, but lacks appeal.
Mommy: Yuck!

Arin: Umm Hmm!
Mommy: Very good, brings back memories of childhood. An all-time favorite.
Daddy: Good
Aunt Candace: This particular one is slightly sour, but still a favorite apple.

Arin: Umm Hmm!
Mommy: Yummy, crispy & delicious!
Daddy: Tastes like dirt, but still good.
Aunt Candace: Pleasant, sweet flavor.

We all got to try new apples today, which was a lot of fun. The winner was unanimous - the Ambrosia. This was the first time that any of us had tried it, but it won't be the last!

When we were finished with the taste test, there were a lot of apples left over. So, using this recipe, I made apple chips. Also very delicious. They are a snack that I will be making again.
(Before going into the oven.)

(After baking in the oven.)

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