Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Leftover Project Thank You Cards

Last week, we made a Go Fish game, using pictures from some Bill Martin, Jr. books. The picture of Baby Bear was too big to fit onto the index cards that we were using, so I decided to save him for a different project. Yesterday, I made several projects that I had to cut out for Arin, so I had a lot of scraps of pink paper. I hated to just throw this stuff away, so we recycled it into a different project. My mom had given Arin an Elmo Potty Time coloring book. So tonight, I gave Arin a square of white cardstock, the circles I had punched from the pink scrap paper, a picture of Baby Bear and a glue stick. She designed her own Thank You card for grandma. She glued all of the pieces on one side and colored on the other side. Then, I wrote a short thank you note. Arin loves to glue and there were no real instructions for her, so it was a fun project for her to use her creativity.

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Anonymous said...

those turned out great!!!