Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baking for Neighbors

One of the activities on our list of things to do before kindergarten is to bake for neighbors. This also falls into our "Better to Give than Receive" lesson. First, we had to meet our neighbors! I mean, we've said hi and introduced ourselves, but nothing much more than that. So we met our neighbors and asked them if they'd help us with this project. They said yes!

I had some bananas that are a little more ripe than we would eat (well Arin would eat them still), so I decided that we would make banana bread. We were going to make cookies, but really banana bread is so easy, so it is something that we often choose to make together. We used this recipe, which has been a favorite for several years.
We went and delivered the bread, but Arin is so shy that she wouldn't actually hand it to them, so no pictures of that.


rousky38 said...

that is sooo adorable! looks like a lot of fun. cant wait to be doing those kind of things with rylee!

E and T said...

Wow, I love this list of things to do before your child starts Kindergarten.

Baking together is such a wonderful hands-on learning experience and so much fun. My little girl also loves to bake.

It is such a beautiful idea to share your cooking with your neighbours.

Gotta love a simple, yet tasty recipe! Thank you for sharing.