Tuesday, January 10, 2012

29 Days for Daddy: # 11

When the girls and I were planning the different surprises for their daddy's birthday, Ella came up with this idea.  This was actually the only idea that she had.  She wanted to sing him a song. She LOVES to sing and often makes up her own songs to sing for us.  But for this gift, she learned a song, which she did not previously know (the theme song to Barney).  She practiced it for several days before getting it "just right".
The audio isn't great since it was recorded on a cell phone and thanks for ignoring the junk pile beside the couch :)


Queen of Random said...

Been loving all these SWEET, sweet things for Daddy. Bless you for encouraging them to love and appreciate him.
Would be glad to help ya with the video if I can. Just let me know!


Peterson Party said...

Thanks Shan! I guess it was a Blogger thing last night because i wrote a few other posts and wasn't able to add regular pics to them. This morning, everything is back to normal :)