Monday, January 2, 2012

Two Months

Our sweet Kaelyn is two months old already!  This month she has started smiling, though I haven't been able to catch it on camera yet.  She is still an excellent sleeper, but is starting to have more periods of awake time.  Evenings continue to be her toughest time of the day, but she is fussy for shorter periods of time now.  Once she gets to sleep at night, she consistently stays asleep for 4-5 hours at a time (wakes just once in the night and once in the early morning between 6:30-7:00am).  My sister is letting us borrow her swing that rocks from side-to-side.  Kaelyn loves it and sleeps in it for several hours during the day.  During tummy time a few days ago, Kae almost turned over, but her arm got in the way. 

This morning, I took Kaelyn to her pediatrician for her two-month check-up.  She is off the charts for both height and weight for her age.  She is 24.5" long and weighs 14lbs!  She is right on track with her sisters.  They were both big in the beginning too, but their growth slowed by six months.  Arin is average now and Ella is on the small size for her age.

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