Sunday, January 1, 2012

29 Days for Daddy: #3

This day was by far Arin's favorite and the one that she looked forward to the longest.

Day 3: "The Gift of Competition"
The back of the gift tag read "I love my daddy because he's the best daddy I ever had in the whole entire world" ~ Arin

On this day, we took Andrew bowling.  Arin had already planned bowling as one of the activities.  Then, we received a coupon via email for a free game of bowling.  Bonus!  We wrapped the coupon as that day's "clue".

Drawing by Ella

Yes, we did play with the bumpers, so Mommy and Daddy's scores aren't too impressive considering the help we had ;)

After bowling, Andrew and the older girls went to Krispy Kreme, where we had coupons for free donuts :)
You can read more about this project here.

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