Friday, January 6, 2012

29 Days for Daddy: #8, 9, & 10

Day 8: The Gift of Rest
Back of Tag: "My favorite thing to do for daddy is take care of his socks" ~ Ella (everyday when Andrew gets home from work, one of the girls puts his work boots away and the other puts his dirty socks in the hamper)

Kaelyn had her two-month check-up this week.  It was on Andrew's day off. That would normally mean that he would either go with us or he'd get up and keep the big kids while Kaelyn and I would go on our own.  But, I know how much Andrew loves to sleep in and how hard that is to do on his day off with three littles :)
So, I woke the kids up and we tip-toed and whispered until it was time to go to the pediatrician.  We didn't even tell him we were leaving.  On the way home, I told the girls that we'd go through the drive-thru and bring daddy home breakfast.  Arin said, "He gets TWO gifts????" haha :)

Day #9: A Gift to Snack on
Back of Tag: "My favorite thing to make for daddy is muffins" ~ Arin

Nothing too much to say about this day.  Andrew likes beef summer sausage and beef jerky and sharp cheese, so the girls gave that to their daddy.

Day #10: A Gift from the Vine
Back of Tag: "I like it when daddy plays Mario Cart with me" ~ Arin

Andrew likes to try new wines, so we picked out a bottle that he had not tried before.

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