Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cupcakes and Crazy-Colored Crayons

During Cc week for our Better to Give Than to Receive lesson, the girls made confetti cupcakes for Aunt Candace and for Cameron.

They also made crazy-colored circle crayons for the children of three families whose last names begin with the letter C.  We had to mail the crayons, so we are hoping they arrived in tact and not as a melted crazy-colored mess!


Gidget Girl Reading said...

cute idea so your better to give do the people's name have to begin with that letter somehow (first or last name)

love the crayons :)

Peterson Party said...

When we originally started the Better to Give Than Receive, we just made whatever for whomever. But now that we are doing a letter of the week type curriculum, we are incorporating the better to give item from the letter of the week with a person whose name starts with that letter also.

Gidget Girl Reading said...

I love that idea I'd have a problem with most letters though seems we have mostly certain letters in our families :)

I'm starting this and when i post about it I'm including your site and that you are the reason for us doing this hope its ok. It will be on welcome to our wonderland on tuesday next week.

Peterson Party said...

Thanks! I'd love the link back. I hope you guys have fun with this project. I'll check your post next week. Also, we will have some weeks that we don't do this project since I can't think of anyone whose name (first or last) begins with the letter that week. At the beginning of the alphabet, it's been a breeze, but that will change. We are doing this project for family and friends.