Thursday, August 19, 2010

Other Activities We Did During Cc Week

Creation Week
We worked on the bible story of the seven days of creation.  I plan to blog about this next week and then resume with the letter of the week: Dd, the following week.

Counting & Sorting Coins
This was a simple, spur of the moment activity that we did while we were waiting to leave for our field trip.  I wrote the numbers 11-20 on separate slips of paper.  Then, I handed Arin a pile of coins.  She counted the correct number of coins for each piece of paper according to the number written on it.

Ella simply sorted coins into piles according to their type: quarter, dime, nickel, or penny.

Cloud Sight Words
Keeping with our cloud theme, I created this game for Arin.  On several cards I wrote some of Arin's sight words.  On a few more cards, I put a picture of a cloud.  We played a game similiar to this last week and it was such a hit that I knew it needed to added to this week's activities as well.  To play the game, place all the cards face-down.  One by one, Arin turned the cards over.  If she could read the card, she could keep it.  Otherwise, she had to turn it back over and try again.  If she got a cloud card, she'd stand up and clap as loud as she could (thunder).  Again, this game was a huge hit - of course she'd rather if it were all cloud cards.

Cloud Addition
Again, keeping with the cloud theme, I made this game.  I also made a similiar one for Bb week,  I wrote out math problems for 4+0 though 4+6 (Arin still counts on her fingers, so the answer couldn't be more than 10) on one set of cards and the answers on a second set of cards.  On the back of the problem cards were a picture of a cloud and on the back of the answer cards featured a different picture of a cloud.  Place all the cards face-down (cloud side up).  Then the game is played like memory.  She picked one problem card and one answer card.  If they matched, she kept them, if not, she turned both cards back over and tried again.

Letter Tracers
Arin worked on her letter Cc tracing worksheet.  The worksheet can be found here.

Letter Hunt
She did a Cc letter hunt.  This is really too easy for her, but she likes it, so we will continue it.

Where's the Coin?
This was a game for Ella.  I showed her three identical cans.  I placed a coin under one can and then mixed up the cans.  I asked Ella to show  me where the coin was.  Most of the time she got this right on the first try, but occassionally I was able to trick her.

Stacking Cans
Ella also enjoyed stacking empty cans.

Scooping Corn Kernels (popcorn)
This was another activity just for Ella.  I am sure that Arin would have enjoyed this too, but she wasn't home at the time.  I emptied a bag of popcorn into a plastic shoebox.  Then, I gave Ella a plastic spoon and a couple of empty cans.  This entertained her for a very long time.  She spooned the kernels, poured the kernels, shook the cans filled with kernels, etc.  And yes, she made a corn mess, but she also helped clean it up :)

Can Phones
This activity was actually a flop (sort of).  I had intended to make phones using two empty cans and some string.  I must have used the wrong type of string (I used yarn), so you could not hear the other person through the can.  However, the girls loved these cans!  Everytime I thought I'd throw them away, I found the girls playing with them. They'd carry them around, hang them on doors, use them in imagination play, etc.  Not a bad "save" for a "failed" activity!

Write and Wipe Letters
Prior to this school year, Arin had done very little letter writing.  She could write a few letters, but not all of them and not in both uppercase and lowercase.  I figured that we'd just go week by week learning a new letter, but then Andy brought up a very valid point that if I were to work with her that way, she wouldn't know all of her letters for 26 plus weeks (we'll be taking some planned vacation days).  So now we are practing writing several letters each week, but still only putting our main focus on one letter per week.  During Cc week, I wrote the letters A-M and a-m on small pieces of paper.  Then, I placed them face-down in front of Arin.  She would pick one card, turn it over, and then place it in the corner of her dry erase board.  She would look at the letter as she practiced writing it.  Some letters were only review, some I had to help with hand over hand writing and some she only needed me to make a dotted letter that she'd trace.  She loves the dry erase board, so this was more like fun than work to her.

Checker Patterns
I printed out several black and red circle patterns for the girls.  Arin would take her pattern card and copy it (below the card) with checkers.  Once she finished copying the pattern, she would continue the pattern (just so I knew that she really "got it").

Ella simply placed the correct colored checker on top of each color on her card.

Heads or Tails?
Arin played a probability game.  If you take a coin and flip it in the air 11 times, which way will it fall most often: heads or tails? Arin guessed Tails.  After ten tosses, it was a tie, which actually surprised me.  The eleventh toss was the tie breaker and the heads won.

Chuck E. Cheese
We celebrated the end of Cc week by visiting Chuck E. Cheese

Books We Read and Movies We Watched
In some previous posts, I mentioned a few of the books we read and movies we watched during Cc week.  Here is a list of some of the others that we read/watched this week.

The Fire Cat by Esther Averill
The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss
Crazy Alphabet by Lynn Cox
Mordant's Wish by Valerie Coursen
Cc: See it. Say it. Hear it. by Kelly Doudna
Counting Kisses by Karen Katz
The Rag Coat by Lauren Mills (Arin didn't care too much about this book, but it actually brought tears to my eyes and I got choked up while reading it.  Got to love kids' books that do that!)
Capyboppy by Bill Peet
Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin
Cloud Tea Monkeys by Mal Peet & Elspeth Graham
The 20th Century Children's Book Treasury by various authors
Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type…and more amusing animal tales (dvd)


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I love the math memory game. I am so going to make some of those cards for Froggy. Thanks for the ideas.

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what a great week! your school is going great!!