Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A is for Animal Families

In continuing with the letter A for our first week of school, I read Mother and Baby Zoo Animals by Caroline Arnold to Ella.  It was a fairly short book and she seemed to really enjoy looking at all of the animal pictures.  I printed a set of Animal Families matching cards from here.

Along with a little help from Arin, Ella matched the members of the animal families.  I really like giving Ella activities that Arin has already mastered, because it gives Arin the opportunity to help teach and encourage her little sister. 

Once Ella matched all of the animal families, we randomly spread the cards out in front her her.  Then, Arin and I took turns asking her to find certain things, such as, "Where's the baby duckling?" or "Where's the mama sheep?"  She did pretty well at this game, except the male and female bears look similiar and the male sheep does not look like the typical sheep that children first learn to recognize.

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