Monday, August 9, 2010

Letter Bb Toddler Activities

Is it a B or a b?

During letter b week, Ella was introduced the upper and lowercase versions of the letter.  We also worked on color recognition of blue, brown and black.  I created a "B or b" birdhouse game for her.  We played it a few times with her matching the uppercase B birds to the uppercase B birdhouse and the lowercase b bird to the lowercase b birdhouse.  We also played a second version of the game where she matched the blue birds to the blue birdhouse and the brown birds to the brown birdhouse.

Blue, Black, or Brown?

I cut pictures out of a magazine of objects that were either blue, brown, or black (a black dog, brown bears, etc.).  Then, I had Ella match the color of the picture to a blank piece of paper of the same color.  Arin loved these categorizing games when she was little.  Ella also liked it, but because the pictures had other colors in them too, she was a bit confused at times and I had to show her which part of the picture to look at and match to the paper.

Matching Birds

Ella really liked this game.  Using Microsoft Word and Microsoft clip art, I created bird matching cards for her.

And even though it is not a "toddler game", we used these same cards for a memory game that I played with Arin.  She also liked these cards :)


I also introduced Ella to beading (using these beads) this week.  She really liked this activity and asked to do it several other times during the week.

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