Monday, August 16, 2010

Field Trip!

We took our first planned family field trip of the school year during letter Cc week.  I have thought it would be a lot of fun to visit all of our state parks; not all as "field trips" and not all this year, but eventually.  Because Colt Creek starts with the letter C, we chose to visit it during this week.  We packed a picnic lunch and set out for a day of fun, or so we thought.  When we were about 15 minutes from the park, the clouds let loose and it rained and rained and rained. 

By the time we got to the park, it had quit raining.  Yay!  We unpacked our cooler from the car and onto the picnic table (under a pavilion).  Then we set out to explore.  We looked at the lakes and wished we had brought fishing poles (which turns out we wouldn't need them afterall).  The girls climbed rocks and looked at flowers. 

We decided to eat our picnic lunch and then we were planning to explore the rest of the park.  There are several foot trails and places that we were not allowed to drive to.  Unfortunately, as we were eating, it started pouring again and thus ended our field trip (much, much sooner than we had expected or hoped). 

Despite the rain, we did enjoy our time together as a family.  My little sister and Andy's older brother were also with us, so that helped to make our outing even more special.

We did get to see two cool things while we were out.  We saw what we think was a gopher turtle (it is illegal to touch these turtles).  Arin didn't want to get too close to it, but Ella didn't mind.

We also found a large, empty snail shell.  The girls thought this was really neat.  We took the shell home and the girls used it to look at while they practiced drawing spirals.  We had also planned to turn the shell into a candle by pouring melted wax in it and setting in a wick, but we ran out of time during the week.  Perhaps we will get to that project another time!

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