Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dark-Colored Dessert & Dd Cookies

It wasn't as easy to come up with something for the girls to make for Dd week's Better to Give Than to Receive lesson.  Yes, there's donuts, but I didn't want the girls around hot grease.  Yes, there's danishes, but I have never made one and didn't want to make something that might or might not be good.  Yes, there's deviled eggs, but the food had to travel a couple of hours to its recipient, so that was out.

In the end, we ended up making a dark-colored dessert for Uncle Don.  These were devil's food cake cupcakes, with dark frosting (fudge flavor) and dark decorations (semi-sweet chocolate chips).

I love how Arin helps her sister without anyone telling her to.
We also made a dozen D and d cookies for David.  We took a big shortcut and bought the cookies from the bakery.  Then, the girls frosted them and Arin (with my help) wrote the D or d on each cookie.

Yes, we were reaching a little this week!  As we were packing the cookies up for David, Arin looked at me and said, "cuh, cuh, cookies.  Mom, we should have made these for c week!"

(we also used this week to donate some of our unwanted items!)

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Moira said...

These phots are soooo precious!!! I love cooking and baking with my kids too!!